We Train

We Train

From non-technical awareness to core development, our workshops are all custom-made to fit your own requirements

We Research

We Research

Blockchain is still an early stage concept, we actively contribute to core research on scalability, security and economics

We Advise

We Advise

We help you perform technical due-diligence on companies and people, advise on technology and strategy

We Connect

We Connect

Through our well developed network, we are able to connect you to partners, who can support your desired outcomes

Why choose us

While you hear about blockchain everywhere, it is rare to find the people who understand what the concepts, technologies and products really are. Blockchain Advisory is formed of many of the top technologists in the field, we are not your typical consulting firm – and do not claim to be! Our team have experience with proprietary and open source solutions; in implementing legacy centralized and distributed enterprise solutions; across all layers of your technology stack. We’ve been participating in the blockchain revolution and are cryptomaniacs since 2014. We understand where you are coming from and are here to guide you in adopting blockchain technology where its most viable
  • Executive Awareness – Bespoke workshops designed to prepare your organizations business and technology professionals for the Blockchain pardigm shift.
  • Business Leaders – we will explain how blockchain works and why it is such a big deal.
  • Workshops & Seminars – We can design bespoke workshops to suit the needs and size of your organization, we regularly run basic to advanced workshops targeted to the consumer.

Workshops and Seminars


Seminars and Events

Book one of our experts to speak at your own seminar or event


Basic Workshop

90 minutes to full-day workshops giving an overview of Blockchain technologies in general and the Crypocurrency industry. This will enable you to make your first investment or provide you with ideas on how to adopt this technology in your space.


Intermediate Workshop

2 Day Workshop (16 hours), overview on setting up and running a blockchain mine, developing a filter for designing your own model portfolio, a deeper look into investing and trading tools, technical analysis basics and arbitrage.


Advanced Workshop

2 Day workshop, taking you deeper into the top 10 projects, an investigation into potential emerging blockchain opportunities from ICO's to DApps

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Whether you intend to invest in the blockchain industry or are planning an organisational transition or just need to know the basics so you can participate in this exciting, ever evolving, disruptive opportunity, let us help you navigate through the barriers and the opacity.
>Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde

Head of IMF

“Why might citizens hold virtual currencies rather than physical dollars, euros, or sterling? Because it may one day be easier and safer than obtaining paper bills, especially in remote regions”

>Larry Summers

Larry Summers

US Former Treasury Secretary

“I’m reasonably confident … that the blockchain will change a great deal of financial practice and exchange”

>Melanie Swan

Melanie Swan

author of Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy

“Bitcoin is just one example of something that uses a blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are just one example of decentralized technologies. And now that the Internet is big enough and diverse enough, I think we will see different flavors of decentralized technologies and blockchains. I think decentralized networks will be the next huge wave in technology. The blockchain allows our smart devices to speak to each other better and faster.”

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